Iowa Distributor, Louie Danner, Retires

Iowa Distributor, Louie Danner, Retires

One of our largest and longest-standing distributors, Lou-San, Inc. of Atalissa, IA, had been selling the Agri-SC® product since 1982 in the Iowa region! For 37 years, Louie Danner has shared his conviction in Agri-SC®’s benefits based upon the positive results he first discovered on his own farm. Also, his many trials performed with Iowa farmers in the 1990’s produced the following results: 54 checks on corn equaled an 8.5 average bushel increase, 19 checks on soybeans equaled a 3.9 average bushel increase. With hard work and attention to great customer service, Louie established a network of Agri-SC® customers and dealers that is admired by the other distributors across the nation.

After decades of distributing Agri-SC®, Louie Danner of Lou-San, Inc. has retired from distributing our product.  Seeing positive results in the soil and yield led him to promote the product to growers on tens of thousands of acres across the state of Iowa and beyond.  His conviciton in the product was evident.  Louie was instrumental in establishing the product's presence in his region and his list of satified customers resulted in repeat users of the product and an excellent dealer network.  


Four Star wishes to thank Louie and Lou-San, Inc. for their key role and efforts in promoting Agri-SC®.  Working closely with him and his dealers, Four Star intends to seamlessly continue the delivery of Agri-SC® to our Iowa customers.

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