Poor rooting, thatch, soil compaction, wet spots, dry spots, poor these problems sound familiar?  These are problems that golf course superintendents and professional turf grass managers encounter frequently.  These problems are not simply water problems, but are evidence of soil structure problems that cause poor water infiltration and movement in the soil solution.  Pene-Turf®, from Four Star Services, Inc., improves permeability and aeration in the soil, aids water movement, promotes proper drainage, and speeds irrigation water infiltration.  It is non-toxic, bio-degradable, and safe to use near lakes and streams.  Encourage deeper root growth, increase stress resistance, make thatch more permeable, and reduce irrigation costs by getting water deeper into the soil profile with Pene-Turf®.


Increases water infiltration and movement in the soil

By affecting the molecular bonding between soil colloids and the hygroscopic (or bound) water in the soil, Pene-Turf® Soil Treatment opens pore spaces in the ground, allowing for increased water infiltration and movement in the soil.

Reduces surface erosion

As irrigation waters and rains are more readily accepted by turf and soils that have been treated by Pene-Turf®, significantly less water runoff and therefore soil erosion with that runoff occurs.

Reduces soil compaction and improves soil structure

By breaking the binding forces between soil colloids and water, additional micropores of air are opened in the soil structure. 

Reduces ponding and wet spots

Through increased water infiltration rates and less runoff from higher areas toward the lower ground, Pene-Turf® reduces problems such as ponding and wet spots.

Increase drought stress resistance

Pene-Turf® allows irrigation and rain water to infiltrate the soil quicker and penetrate deeper, less water is lost to runoff and evaporation.  As conditions get dry, this subsurface moisture is able to percolate back up through the soil profile and delay the stress on turf and plants. 

Increases permeability of thatch

Pene-Turf® improves water penetration through the thatch layer, allowing moisture and chemical applications to reach the soil.

Aids chemical activity and incorporation

Incorporating Pene-Turf® with herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, etc. is an excellent way to introduce the product to the soils.  It will also aid these chemicals in their activation and penetration.

Low rate application 2-3 times per year

Pene-Turf®'s low rate application 2-3 times per year make it an effective and affordable solution in a soil management program.

Non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe to use near lakes and streams

Being non-toxic and biodegradable, Pene-Turf® applications can be performed on courses and properties with bodies of water with no concern for environmental damage.  Pene-Turf® will, in fact, lessen the amounts of chemicals and nutrients that enter lakes and streams by reducing water runoff and soil erosion.



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