Testimonials posted in Li’l Perk™

Cox's Plant Farm, located just west of Indianapolis, IN, has been in business for over 50 years.  They have a beautiful facility that certainly will meet all your lawn and garden needs.  Wayne Cox has been selling Li'L Perk™ Soil Treatment for over 20 years.  Here are a few comments he made regarding the product during a recent visit with him at his store (09/12/13):

"Li'L Perk™ is a chemical that we recommend with confidence.  We like to promote chemicals and solutions for people that work and keep our customers coming back."

"I've compared Li'L Perk™ with gypsum application, and I believe Li'L Perk™ works as good or better, certainly costs a lot less, and works much faster."

- Wayne Cox   Cox’s Plant Farm, Clayton, IN