For decades, Four Star's products, led by Agri-SC® Soil Conditioner, have been used in agriculture, golf course/turf, and many other applications for improving soil structure, increasing water penetration and movement, reducing the negative effects of soil compaction, and lessening soil shear strength. Please explore our product brands and let us know how we can further assist you.

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Agri-SC® Soil Conditioner

Four Star's product, Agri-SC® Soil Conditioner, is A Proven Value in Your Growing Operation™. The product increases water infiltration rates and reduces the shear strength of your soil. These two benefits bring about a host of other benefits, including improved emergence and better rooting, leading to increased crop yields.

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Pene-Turf® is utilized in the golf course and turf industries to improve water infiltration and turf rooting. Pene-Turf® aids in eliminating wet / dry spots and improves drainage.

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LiL Perk™ Soil Treatment

Four Star's Perk™ Soil Treatment is packaged in sizes convenient for the homeowner / gardner. Formulated with the same proven soil conditioning ability of our Agri-SC® product, Perk™ is offered in a 1 liter concetrate bottle, and even in an 8oz. Li'L Perk™ packaging.

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Flatline™ Defoamer

The same antifoam that Four Star uses in our soil conditioner products is available in 1 gallon packaging, Flatline™ Defoamer. This silicone based defoamer is an effective way to knock foam dead, before it starts, in your spraying applications.