Agri-SC® Soil Conditioner is utilized in agricultural programs to reduce the negative effects of soil compaction. By amending soil structure and creating improved soil, water, air mixtures, Agri-SC® improves the environment in which your nutrient program performs. The product is best known for increasing water infiltration and movement in soils. Agri-SC® has also yielded consistent, positive results in dry years and climates. From tight, clay soils to sandy soil applications, the product has shown its ability to reduce soil shear strength and free soil bound water for improved drainage and plant utilization. Agri-SC® will not change your soil type but will certainly change your soil texture.

With its unique, effective formulation, Agri-SC® has been proven by thousands of users, both domestic and international. This has allowed for years of product strength and growth, along with the development of an outstanding and reputable distribution network that consists largely of independent distributors and dealers.

Four Star Services, Inc., as the exclusive manufacturer of Agri-SC® Soil Conditioner, is grateful for your interest in our product. Whether you are an existing customer, potential customer, chemical distributor, or an industry associate interested in learning more about our product, let us know how we can further assist you.

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Conventional Tillage Programs
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No-Till / Minimum Tillage Programs
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Broadcast Spray with Most Herbicides & Fertilizers
Agri SC overhead irrigation
Overhead & Flood Irrigation


Reduces the negative effects of soil compaction

Increases water infiltration and movement in soil

Improves emergence and minimizes crusting problems

Decreases soil shear strength for increased ease of tillage

Reduces soil / nutrient loss through erosion

Improves soil structure / aeration

Allows for more efficient use of drainage tile

Improves nitrogen utilization

Less damage to over-wintering crops

Less damage and tare dirt at harvest on tuber crops

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Agri SC No till
02 Improve the ease of tillage
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"I first used Agri-SC® based upon a recommendation. I was looking to fight compaction and improve drainage. I notice an improvement in seed to soil contact and definitely in any tillage, a lot less clods. I broadcast spray Agri-SC® and like applying with a fall application. I have also used it in furrow with insecticide for corn."

Jim M. - Northern Indiana
Marshall alford

"Agri-SC® stops the ponding in fields and lets the ground get mellow. In the spring, we can get onto the fields earlier. We have wet Clermont, tight ground, and Agri-SC® lets us farm this at a normal early time. We have been no-tilling since 1985, and Agri-SC® and no-till go together good. We have been using it since the mid 80's. We use it in spring with burn down and have never had any problem mixing with any herbicides. Try it a couple of years and you will see the difference."

Marshall A. - Southern Indiana
Yieldchamps David Oberbroekling

"I no till most of my ground. The way to eliminate some of the compaction is to use Agri-SC®. It sure helps eliminate compaction and provides the ability for roots to move through the soil. I apply 6 oz. of Agri-SC® with my first chemical application trip. I see the results with better yields, less compaction, and less standing water in the wheel tracks. I've probably been using Agri-SC® 20 plus years."

David O. - Eastern Iowa
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