Since 1974, Agri-SC® has been utilized in agricultural and soil management programs as an amendment for soil structures; creating improved soil, water, and air mixtures in which nutrient programs perform.  Aside from reducing the negative effects of soil compaction, the product is best known for increasing water movement and infiltration into soils.  Agri-SC® has also yielded consistent, positive results in dry years and climates.  From tight, clay soils to sandy soil applications, the product has shown its ability to break tensions and free soil bound water for improved drainage and plant utilization.

With its unique, effective formulation, Agri-SC® has been proven by thousands of users, both domestic and international.  This has allowed for years of product strength and growth, along with the development of an outstanding and reputable distribution network that consists largely of independent distributors and dealers.

Four Star Services, Inc., as the exclusive manufacturer of Agri-SC®, is grateful for your interest in our product. As you browse the Agri-SC® tabs below, please inform us if you seek additional information, and we will do our best to oblige.  Whether you are an existing customer, potential customer, chemical distributor, or an industry associate interested in learning more about our product, let us know how we can further assist you.

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Reduced soil compaction

By opening up air pore spaces in the soil structure, Agri-SC® is an effective tool in the ongoing battle against soil compaction.

Increased water infiltration and movement in soil

Agri-SC® breaks the binding forces between soil colloids and the hygroscopic (bound) water that form in soils and create a virtually impermeable layer.  This results in the opening of the soil profile to improve water infiltration and movement.

Reduced soil / nutrient loss through erosion

When rain and irrigation water can penetrate more quickly and efficiently into soils that have been treated with Agri-SC®, water runoff and the soil and nutrients that erode with it are greatly reduced.

Decreased soil shear strength for increased ease of tillage

Agri-SC®'s ability to work deep into the soil profile, breaking molecular bonding between soil colloids and water, results in decreased shear strength.  Agri-SC® users note a more friable soil that tills easier.

Minimize crusting problems and improve germination and emergence

By conditioning the soil surface and seed bed, Agri-SC® reduces crusting for improved emergence and provides better seed-to-soil contact.

Improved soil structure / aeration

By breaking binding tensions between soil colloids and bound water, Agri-SC® application will open up micropores of air in the soil profile. 

More efficient use of drainage tile

After making the investment to tile a field, it is discouraging to see the water have a hard time passing through some soils to escape through the tiling.  Agri-SC® keeps the soil profile open, allowing drainage tile to perform more efficiently.

Improved nitrogen utilization

The soil structure that results from Agri-SC® application will improve nitrogen utilization.  Studies have show significantly less nitrates in runoff water from areas that have had Agri-SC® on them.  A better drained, aerated soil is less susceptible to nitrogen loss.

Less damage to over-wintering crops

The improved drainage and aeration resulting from Agri-SC® applications decreases damage to over-wintering crops from heaving.

Less damage and tare dirt at harvest on tubers

Agri-SC® users report significantly less tare dirt and damage to tuber crops like potatoes and beets due to the conditioned soil being more friable.

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