For decades, Four Star's products, led by Agri-SC®, have been used in agriculture and many other industries for improving soil structure, increasing water penetration and movement, reducing compaction, and lessening soil tensions.  Please explore our product brands and let us know how we can further assist you.  If you have interest in learning more about Agri-SC®, please view our informational video or view our 2011 & 2012 Field Trial Data.


Since 1974, Agri-SC® has been utilized in agricultural and soil management programs as an amendment for soil structures; creating improved soil, water, and air mixtures in which nutrient programs perform.  Aside from reducing the negative effects of soil compaction, the product is best known for increasing water movement and infiltration into soils.


Poor rooting, thatch, soil compaction, wet spots, dry spots, poor these problems sound familiar? These are problems that golf course superintendents and professional turf grass managers encounter frequently. These problems are not simply water problems, but are evidence of soil structure problems that cause poor water infiltration and movement in the soil solution. Pene-Turf®, from Four Star Services, Inc., improves permeability and aeration in the soil, aids water movement, promotes proper drainage, and speeds irrigation water infiltration.

Li’l Perk™

Four Star Services, Inc. offers a soil amendment product to meet the needs of the homeowner (a.k.a. Do-It-Yourselfer). Li'L Perk™ Soil Treatment quickly softens hard, compacted soil, makes digging and tilling easier, and improves water infiltration and drainage.  Give your lawn a Li'L Perk™ and realize the benefits.


Four Star's newest product line, Bio-Rhize™, offers products that utilize nutrients and organic acids to encourage native biological activity in the rhizosphere.

Flatline™ Defoamer

Flatline­™ Defoamer is an ideal additive whenever foam and sudsing control is needed.  It is highly concentrated, water-based, safe and easy to use.  The use of this product can save time and money and make the overall spraying process more effective.