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Soil Conditioners Since 1974

Four Star Services, Inc. appreciates your interest in our products.  Our company provides soil amendment solutions with a primary focus in the agricultural industry.  Since 1974, our products have been implemented both domestically and internationally in agricultural programs to reduce the negative effects of soil compaction, improve soil structures by lessening soil tensions, reducing soil shear strength, enhancing water movement and infiltration, and creating a more aerated profile in which nutrient programs perform.  Our leading product, Agri-SC® Soil Conditioner, is used on production ground for corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugar beets, cotton, vegetables, tobacco, and more.

We also serve the sports turf, golf course, commercial landscape, and lawn & garden markets with our products Pene-Turf® and Li’L Perk™.  With the help and partnership of a dedicated distribution network, Four Star Services, Inc. has established a long list of satisfied customers worldwide, and we hope to add you to that list.  Again, we appreciate your interest and consideration.  Please let us know how we can assist you.

Latest News

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    I no till most of my ground.  The way to eliminate some of the compaction is to use…
    David O.  - Eastern Iowa

  • Marshall A. - Southern IN

    Agri-SC® stops the ponding in fields and lets the ground get mellow.  In the spring, we can…
    Marshall A. - Southern IN

  • Jack W. - Central MD

    I have seen noticeably less runoff water....the runoff during really heavy rains is clearer and is…
    Jack W. - Central MD