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Our Product Line

Since 1974, Four Star has provided soil conditioning products utilized in many industries. Check out our product line.

Industries We Serve

Four Star Services provides soil conditioning products to the agricultural, golf course, commercial turf, landscape, and lawn & garden industries.

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Four Star's primary focus is in the agricultural industry. Since 1974, our products have been implemented both domestically and internationally in agricultural programs to reduce the negative effects of soil compaction. Our leading product, Agri-SC® Soil Conditioner, is used on production ground for corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugar beets, cotton, vegetables, tobacco, and more.

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Golf Course / Sports Turf

Pene-Turf® Soil Conditioner is marketed to the golf course / sports turf industry, aiding in water infiltration and root development.

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Commercial Turf / Landscape

Pene-Turf® Soil Conditioner, utilized in the commercial turf / landscape industry is applied with herbicide passes to improve soil structure, increase water infiltration, and promote root development.

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Lawn & Garden

Perk™ and Li'L Perk™ are utilized by homeowners to improve soil conditions in their lawn, garden, and shrub/flower beds.

Learn More About Our Products

With a full product line serving a variety of industries, Four Star Services offers the solutions you need.

Agri sc testimonial IN Musselman

"I first used Agri-SC® based upon a recommendation. I was looking to fight compaction and improve drainage. I notice an improvement in seed to soil contact and definitely in any tillage, a lot less clods. I broadcast spray Agri-SC® and like applying with a fall application. I have also used it in furrow with insecticide for corn."

Jim M. - Northern Indiana
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"I appreciate your great customer service. I have used Perk™ on my rock hard yard over the past year and it is a great product. The builder of our home brought in very clay soil and packed it down with a grader and it responds much like concrete when it is dry. [Before sod] I wanted a faucet at the end of our yard to keep from dragging a hose back and forth, and placed a 1 1/2 inch PVC line and pushed a hose through it. Simple and it works just fine. Had to use a pick to dig the trench because the soil was so dry and compacted. With the use of Perk™, it is easy to dig necessary plants into this now soft supple soil."

Phil M. - Central Indiana
Yieldchamps David Oberbroekling

"I no till most of my ground. The way to eliminate some of the compaction is to use Agri-SC®. It sure helps eliminate compaction and provides the ability for roots to move through the soil. I apply 6 oz. of Agri-SC® with my first chemical application trip. I see the results with better yields, less compaction, and less standing water in the wheel tracks. I've probably been using Agri-SC® 20 plus years."

David O. - Eastern Iowa
Marshall alford

"Agri-SC® stops the ponding in fields and lets the ground get mellow. In the spring, we can get onto the fields earlier. We have wet Clermont, tight ground, and Agri-SC® lets us farm this at a normal early time. We have been no-tilling since 1985, and Agri-SC® and no-till go together good. We have been using it since the mid 80's. We use it in spring with burn down and have never had any problem mixing with any herbicides. Try it a couple of years and you will see the difference."

Marshall A. - Southern Indiana
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